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5 Cleaning Mistakes You Might be Making and Why You Need to Stop

5 Cleaning Mistakes You Might be Making and Why You Need to Stop

When it comes to cleaning your home, there are hundreds of cleaning hacks, endless articles with misinformation, and a lot of room for error when it comes to cleaning solutions. It's no wonder cleaning can feel so overwhelming! We are constantly inundated with videos of sudsy surfaces, power washing of patios, and so much more, that we often feel like if we aren't doing what they are doing, then we aren't doing enough. Over time, this has led people to develop bad cleaning habits that can actually be causing more harm than good in their homes.

1. You're Cleaning with Dirty Tools

Cleaning your home effectively requires having the proper tools to get the job done. If you are vacuuming, dusting, or using a dirty mop, guess what? You aren't going to achieve the clean home you are looking for. Taking time to take care of your cleaning equipment allows you to get a better clean every time. Take five extra minutes to clear out your vacuum, and twenty minutes to wash your mop head and watch what a difference it can make in your home!

2. You're Leaving Dirty Dishes for the End of the Day

If you find yourself thinking, "I'll get back to that later," as you put a dish in the sink, you are offering your home up to bacteria and pests on a silver platter. The more dishes you let pile up, and the more consistently you have a sink full of food, the more likely you are to encounter pests and health hazards in your own home. Instead, get in the habit of doing your dishes right away to make the work feel minimal and less stressful.

3. You're Wearing Your Shoes Around Your House

A simple change can make a major difference! Instead of wearing your shoes through your home, slide into your slippers or house-shoes. This not only helps keep you from having to vacuum and sweep on a daily basis, but it also can prevent some of the germs and bacteria from outdoors from finding its way into your home.

4. You're Waiting Too Long to Get Started

We have all seen those incredibly satisfying videos of someone's messy home suddenly becoming spotless right before our eyes, but the reality is that they spend hours and hours working to get their homes clean, and if they don't then it probably isn't as clean as it may appear. Creating a cleaning schedule can help you to break up your chores a little more, resulting in less chaos and stress in your life.

5. You're Oversaturating Your Home with Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents that ultimately attract more dirt because of the sticky residue they leave behind. Swapping your cleaning products for more natural or clean remedies can make all the difference in how clean your home is, and how long that clean lasts.

Take it from the experts at Zerorez®, we see a lot of homes each and every day. Minding your products is a big deal. That's why we offer a GREEN cleaning solution for your home that doesn't use harsh chemicals and doesn't attract dirt! To achieve a truly clean home, ask for some help! Give us a call today to schedule your next cleaning service with Zerorez®.