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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How Often Does It Need to be Done?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How Often Does It Need to be Done?

Somehow, someway dirt has a way of finding itself onto your commercial carpet! Oh wait; it’s tracked in by your staff, your clients, and even pesky salespeople. Maintaining a commercial carpet cleaning schedule is imperative when it comes to keeping your business clean and smelling fresh. The Zerorez commercial carpet cleaners in Tampa are often asked ‘how often does my business office carpet need to be cleaned?’. There is not a single answer, just like each company and building is unique – so is the frequency in which you should professionally clean your commercial carpets.

The frequency depends on the type of business, the traffic level the carpet experiences and how the space is used. For example, carpet near prepared foods areas or carpets used in facilities with a lot of traffic from elderly or very young people such as nursing homes or daycare centers will require more frequent carpet cleaning maintenance. In fact, many types of healthcare facilities are required to follow cleaning regulations.

Even though most carpet, especially commercial carpet is designed to hide dirt and stains, you should not put off professionally cleaning commercial carpets even if they don’t look dirty. Not only will this help maintain your carpet for more years, but it will also prevent deep stains from setting in over time. You don’t want your office guests greeted by dirty, stained flooring.

The more you clean your commercial carpet the better. Some people have heard the myth that the more frequently you clean your carpet, the shorter the lifespan of your carpet. This couldn’t be further from the truth – when your commercial carpet is cleaned correctly without soap residue or harsh chemicals. By using our patented Empowered Water, which is enhanced water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized, Zerorez carpet cleaning does not use harsh chemicals or soap that can leave behind residue. Just water! It’s a truly green cleaning solution with unmatched cleaning power.

Don’t take our word for it! See recent carpet cleaning Tampa area reviews for our pros:

5 Stars-“Excellent customer service!!! The two technicians were extremely respectful and conscientious. They did a great job and my carpet looks great!!” – K. Raeckers

5 Stars-“Quick, affordable and a job well done. Carpet was barely damp when he left. I would highly recommend this company.” – M. Jenkins

There you have it! Contact Zerorez commercial carpet cleaning experts today, and we will discuss your business type, traffic volume and decide on the best carpet cleaning schedule for your Tampa Bay business. We know you’ll love our attention to detail and service-we guarantee it!


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