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Common Household Cleaning Products That Are Not Safe for Dogs

Common Household Cleaning Products That Are Not Safe for Dogs

For pet owners, our dogs (okay, cat’s too) are more than just our pets they’re an integral part of our family and deserve a clean and safe home environment. From dirty paws and slobbery kisses to spilled bowls of kibble and shedding, when it comes to keeping a clean home, our four-legged friends can make things a bit more challenging. It seems fitting to reach for household cleaners that pack a powerful punch to tackle the everyday dirt and grime left from “fur babies”. But, many common household cleaning products are not pet safe!

Many cleaning products contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can prove harmful and even poisonous to pets. Dogs laying on the floor often times receive overspray from product mists or inhale the cleaners as you use them and even long after use. Unsafe household cleaners can cause dogs breathing problems, nausea, and can harm their mucus membranes. At Zerorez, we love pets! So here is our hit list of some of the top chemical ingredients you should avoid and the most common cleaning products that contain them.

Ammonia: Ammonia is found in many degreasers used to clean cooktops and stainless steel. It is also found in some glass cleaners.

Bleach: Bleach is contained in a variety of household cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleaners, bathroom cleaners and used as a laundering agent to remove stains.

If your dog has a tendency to drink water from your porcelain throne (hey, no judgment, it happens), be extra careful not to use long lasting, slow release toilet bowl cleaners as they can be very harmful if ingested.

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is often found in household personal care products (such as soaps with fragrances), air fresheners and plugins. Some shampoos (both human and dog shampoo) contain terpenes, which can react with ozone in the air and create Formaldehyde particles.

Glycol Ethers: Derived from crude oil, Glycol Ether is a generic term to describe over 30 solvents found in a myriad of household cleaning products and laundry detergents and is primarily used as a grease cutting solvent.

Phthalates: Found in many home fragrances, and general purpose cleaners.

Safer Alternatives

Fret not; there are many great options for replacing unsafe household cleaners for pets with safe, chemical-free alternatives. Ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, warm water, lemon, hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils are all pet-safe cleaning products that can be used throughout the home. Pet parents should check household cleaning products prior to buying them, or go and check your cleaners now if you think you may have some of these common chemical cleaners in your home. If you find products that contain the chemicals we mentioned, AVOID using them!

Need an extra deep clean? The Tampa cleaning experts at Zerorez can remove pet stains and odors from carpets, area rugs, and furniture without harmful chemical ingredients for a truly clean home that’s safe for all your loved ones. Contact our team of pet-loving, professional cleaners today!