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How Much Should You Really Be Paying for Carpet Cleaning?

How Much Should You Really Be Paying for Carpet Cleaning?

Do you avoid looking down every time you walk on your carpets in fear of noticing the stains, spots, and annoying pieces of “whatever” that refuse to come out of said carpet? If this is the case, it’s probably time for a good carpet cleaning! However, it’s definitely one of those services that’ll have you scratching your head wondering how much you’re supposed to shell out for beautiful, spot-free, clean carpets. At Zerorez, we’re here to give it to you straight and to let you know exactly how much you should be paying for carpet cleaning services. Here’s the scoop….

Different companies typically charge for carpet cleaning one of two ways:

By the Square Foot

Companies that charge by the square foot will typically provide an estimate based on the measurements of home. Smaller home owner/renters beware! Many times you’ll pay more per square foot because of the additional fees for travel and material expenses. Owners of larger homes will pay less per square foot because of the larger area.

Here’s an example of what carpet cleaning services should cost based on the square footage in your home:

  • $80 to $130 for a home with 200 to 400 sq. ft.
  • $200 to $300 for a home with 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • $400 to $550 for a home 2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.

Per Room Rate

At Zerorez, our cost structure is typically based on a per room rate. A “room” is considered an area ranging from 200 to 250 square feet. Other areas like hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, and area rugs are priced differently than the room rate, so you’ll need to discuss these rates with your Tampa area Zerorez rep. We provide a full quote once we see your space so we can adjust to suit your unique carpet cleaning needs (after all, we wouldn’t you paying more than you need too).

Another factor that will determine the cost of carpet cleaning is the method used, i.e. steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or Powered Water Cleaning by Zerorez (a.k.a. the green Zerorez cleaning system).

Steam Cleaning – Traditional steam cleaning uses pressure to insert hot water and chemicals into the carpet, which loosens dirt and debris. Average costs for steam cleaning services may include:

  • $100 to $250 for 900 to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • $300 to $400 for 1,200 to 1,400 sq. ft.
  • $400 to $500 for 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft.

Dry Cleaning – This method is often referred to as “low moisture” cleaning and utilizes chemicals (yuck) with a small amount of water to quickly clean the carpet. Dry cleaning can be effective (again thanks toxic chemicals), but it doesn’t remove as much debris and dirt as steam cleaning. Average costs for steam cleaning vary from company to company and range in price from $120 to $140 per room.

Powered Water Cleaning by Zerorez – Our state-of-the-art, revolutionary and patented cleaning system is applied to your carpet fibers by a patented high-pressure, controlled spray system that loosens embedded dirt and removes it with a powerful and patented extraction wand. We do all of this without the use of soaps, harsh detergents, or other toxic chemicals! Zerorez has a 3 room special for $129, and we consider a “room” up to 200 sq ft. We make sure you know what your exact costs are before we clean your floors because who likes bad surprises! If you go for a cheaper rate, you run the risk of sacrificing the quality of the service and the job.

If you are interested in learning more about our patented GREEN ZEROREZ cleaning system or would like to schedule an appointment for a service, please call us today at (813) 345-4178. We’re happy to help!!


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