Living in beautiful Tampa Bay where the weather is sunny year-round makes outdoor living just as important as indoor. And choosing the right type of outdoor landscape and patio is key when it comes to looks, entertaining, and of course durability. Did you know that Zerorez is more than just a Tampa carpet cleaning company? We are proud to keep your outdoor living spaces as clean as inside by professionally cleaning and sealing brick paver patios. But what are the pros and cons of paver patios in the first place?

Brick Paver Patio Pros 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Pavers are small pieces of stone made from concrete that can come in various colors, textures, patterns, and sizes. When installed, the small pieces interlock and create a strong yet flexible interlocking concrete pavement. There are many joints throughout which make the patio pavers strong and not prone to breaking or cracking. Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, as they are 3 to 4 times stronger than traditional poured concrete.

Low Maintenance

Brick pavers are extremely easy to maintain with minimal upkeep. Sweep or blow dirt and yard debris off the pavers as needed. Professionally sealing your patio makes routine cleaning a breeze.

Design Creativity

You can create a one-of-a-kind patio. There are a wide variety of pavers to choose from: brick, travertine, shellock, and concrete to name a few. You can choose from different paver shapes (rectangle, square, circular, etc.), textures, colors, and size. Depending on the way you lay it out you can have endless possibilities!

Better for varying climates and seasonal changes

The weather can play an integral role in the longevity of your pavers. The ground expands and contracts as often as 100 times a year. When it does happen, your paver patios move. Due to the way the pavers are installed (in small pieces), they are more flexible and allow the pavers to settle back to its original position when the expansion recedes.

Paver Patio Cons

Longer Installation

Installing individual pavers can take several days compared to pouring a concrete slab in a matter of hours. A typical installation includes removing dirt/grass from the installation area, leveling the subsoil, pouring gravel, installing bedding sand, installing each paver individually, preparing the edges, filling the joints with (preferably polymer) sand.

More Upfront Expense

Generally speaking, a basic brick paver installation is 30% higher than the same sized stamped concrete patio. This can be due to the tools and materials needed for paver patios that are not needed for concrete in addition to the purchase of the actual pavers and labor.

However, you may save money over time with pavers. The price of cleaning, sealing, and maintaining concrete every 2-4 years will eventually cost more than the paver patio.

Going Green

Paver patios are made from individual pieces that interlock. The joints are filled with sand that can become a haven for weeds and other debris if not properly cleaned. To help with this pesky problem you can add polymer sand in between the joints; the ‘sand’ will harden when properly installed not allowing the weeds to take root.

D-I-Y Deterrent

Pavers are highly porous and DIY cleaning and sealing can actually cause more harm than good! This isn’t the DIY project you want to take on. Using a brick paver cleaner like Zerorez who professionally cleans and seals is necessary to make sure the job is done right and your brick pavers look amazing! Plus, proper sealing after cleaning helps prevent discoloration and mold that can show up after a do-it-yourself clean. As often as it rains in Tampa Bay, pavers can quickly look moldy and dirty again which means another weekend spent cleaning!

While there are many pros and cons of paver patios it is important to remember that around here they are an extension of your home and you need a team that cares about your outdoor oasis. Zerorez Outdoor in Tampa Bay is that team. You can trust our brick paver and paver sealing company to do the job right so your outdoor spaces remain clean for our Endless Summers. Call Zerorez Outdoor Tampa today for a free estimate from our 5-star rated company.