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Tile and Grout Cleaning 101

Tile and Grout Cleaning 101

Grout has an enormous effect on the appearance of your tile. Muddy paws. Dirty backpacks. Suspiciously dropped food. As life goes on, dirt, grime, and bacteria get tracked into the house and comfortably stuck in the crevices of your grout's porous surface. The more particles that stick to your grout, the darker and more discolored your floors become. It can be frustrating to watch as your floors become less and less attractive, even when you regularly sweep and mop. Sweeping and mopping will help remove crumbs and sticky spills, but these two chores often won't do enough on their own. In fact, mopping can even contribute to the problem by only partially removing dirt and partially pushing more of it into the grout.

How To Clean Grout

Because your tile grout is so porous, getting down on your hands and knees to scrub grout lines may feel like your only option to restore your floor's natural beauty. Let us save you a future knee replacement by offering our incredible tile and grout cleaning services. The Zerorez® patented cleaning system used Zr Clean™️ at a high but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. This signature cleaning system we use will restore your floor's appearance to "like new." It creates an invisible barrier that can block stain penetration, a smoother and more hygienic surface that is easier to clean. On top of these great benefits, we use green technology that protects your home and the environment.

Zerorez® is Different from Other Tile and Grout Cleaning Companies

The biggest thing that sets Zerorez® apart from other tile cleaning companies is that our services are non-toxic, green, and environmentally friendly. Many traditional floor cleaning companies use soap, detergents, or harsh chemicals to remove dirt from the surface of your floor. Instead of using the common and potentially harmful substances, Zerorez® Tampa Bay carpet and tile cleaning services use a unique and patented cleaning system and Zr Clean™️ that acts as a detergent but without chemicals. Now that sounds like the best grout cleaner!

Another thing that sets Zerorez apart from other grout cleaning companies is that we leave you with a Residue Free® surface. When our Zr Clean™️ goes into the floor's surface, it grabs the dirt out of the fibers and cracks without leaving behind residue. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®!

Next time you think, "what is the best way to clean tile grout?" remember to call Zerorez® Tampa Bay. Getting your tile and grout cleaned like-new by Zerorez® Tampa Bay will save you the time and money you would've spent replacing your tile and grout. Instead, we can make your old floors look new! Whatever your tile and grout cleaning needs may be, our experienced technicians are ready to tackle the project head-on, leaving you with exceptional customer service and pristine surfaces that will stay cleaner longer. Schedule an appointment today to see what our unique tile and grout cleaning service can do for you!