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Time to Give Your Office a Spring Cleaning!

Time to Give Your Office a Spring Cleaning!

Spring is here (yay!), and it’s a great time to tidy up before the busy days of summer are upon us. While this is usually the rule of thumb for our households, it can’t hurt to spruce up your small office or any other commercial location as well. Want to get a major productivity boost at the office? A little dose of spring cleaning may do just the trick. Here’s why…

Clients take notice of a clean commercial area.

When your clients come to your office, they notice those dark spots on the carpet and streaks on hardwood floors. If your office has a kitchen area in the break room, if they go in to grab a cup of coffee, they may even take note of the dull counters and dingy tile floors. Commercial cleaning is a must for your Tampa Bay office because every impression matters, and if you don’t take care of your workspace prospective clients may assume you won’t take care of them.

A clean office is more productive.

Want to get a major productivity boost at the office? A little dose of spring cleaning may do just the trick. When the office is clean, your employees can focus on the task at hand rather than get distracted by clutter and a messy environment (the time spent chatting over the spills at the water cooler of ‘geez are they ever going to clean this place?’).

During your spring cleaning session, make it a point to put away old files and reduce clutter at personal desks, meeting rooms, closets, and public areas. By organizing, you will improve productivity and ease the frustration of any grumpy employees.

But don’t stop there! Take it a step further to give the whole office a full refresh by hitting those harder to clean surfaces (the area rug in the CEO’s office, the tile grout in the bathroom, etc.) too!

A clean office is a healthy office.

Another reason for a good, old-fashioned spring cleaning is to rid the office of germs and other toxins that may be lingering from cold and flu season. Carpets, rugs, and tile floors all harbor these different kinds of yuck and need a good, professional cleaning at least once a year. Spring is the perfect time to do this! By doing so, your business can help avoid illness, employee sick days, and a major loss of productivity.

Ready to make the call? We can help! At Zerorez, we offer commercial carpet and tile cleaning services and are different than the typical industry carpet cleaner around Tampa, St. Pete, and more. Why? We use Powered Water, which enables us to clean carpets and other surfaces without using dirt-attracting soap, detergents, or harsh chemicals. For more information on our commercial carpet cleaning services, please give our expert team a call today at either (813) 375-9960 or (727) 289-0048.


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