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Ways to Help Florida

Ways to Help Florida

Here in Tampa, we are lucky to have avoided much of the damage from Hurricane Ian. While this hurricane has left incredible damage in its wake, Tampa has still been able to operate under mostly normal circumstances.

While the fear of the storm hitting Tampa lingered over us for a while, we can finally start to settle back into our routines and dive into helping our neighbors. So many of our fellow Floridians were not as fortunate, so we have compiled a list of ways that we can help support our neighbors who are still struggling with damage from the storms.


There are tons of great ways to help survivors, but one quick and easy way is through donations. By donating cash, you allow relief organizations to allocate the money where necessary so there isn't a surplus of some resources, and not enough of others. Usually, organizations work to use locally owned businesses for purchasing resources to help keep up the economy amidst the disaster. Donating cash means that people in crisis are able to receive the resources they actually need, not the resources we might think they need. Cash donations help get more and more volunteers out in the community to distribute these resources safely and effectively.


There are great opportunities for you to step in to help your neighbors who have been affected by Hurricane Ian. Whether you already know of a local volunteer group that you've worked with before, or you are looking for a group you can begin to work with, there is always an organization that will gladly accept your help. American Red Cross is a well-known, trusted organization when it comes to volunteering to help. For an extensive list of trusted organizations, you can check out the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

You don't have to know exactly what you're doing in order to be an effective volunteer. Many organizations train volunteers on how they can be of service to the community.

Come Together

Reaching out to offer a helping hand in times of crisis goes a long way. If you or someone you know have been affected by Hurricane Ian, join in the efforts to help recover some of what was lost. Parts of Florida have been so devastated by the hurricane, and rebuilding and recovering will take years. By donating and volunteering, you can help to expedite the recovery, and give back to your community.

Let this be a time that you and your families get involved. This is an opportunity to spend time with the people you love by helping others in need.