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What to Expect with Natural Stone Countertops

What to Expect with Natural Stone Countertops

Just move into a new home? It’s likely those granite and natural stone countertops are part of why you put in an offer. Granite became hugely popular thanks to shows like House Huntersand because they are a durable option that comes in an array of colors and patterns. Both stone and granite can be fairly easy to maintain, but there are certain things you should expect from natural stone countertops in regards to appearance, care and maintenance.

Natural Characteristics Within the Slab

The overall appearance of your granite or natural stone slab will be polished and beautiful; so don’t fret over some of the natural characteristics that may be present. After all, these are what make your countertops unique!

None of these characteristics below are considered flaws and WILL NOT affect the durability of the material. Here are some of the natural markings you may notice…

  • Color, pattern, and particulate variation
  • Fissures or tiny hairline crevices which may look like cracks
  • Pits or air gaps created during rock formation
  • Blemishes and dull spots

Countertop Care & Maintenance

After installation, it is recommended to seal your granite or natural stone so that stains caused by oil, wine, or coffee keep from absorbing into the countertops. If you choose to not seal your countertops, you will most certainly do more harm than good as cleaning granite without sealing only leads to faster dirt build-up.

However, even if you do seal your granite and natural stone, the sealant will start to wear over time, causing your counters to lose some of their luster and shine. Not only that, but liquids will start to seep in and allow dirt, water spots, and germs to penetrate the stone.

That being said, the solution for proper care and maintenance of your granite and natural stone is regular cleaning and sealing!   It is a crucial step in the process that maintains the beauty and integrity of your countertops and protects your investment for years to come.

What to Expect from a Zerorez Granite Cleaning

Our Tampa granite and stone cleaners will clean all cracks and crevices with the FX7 Cleaning tool designed exclusively for stone and granite cleaning. Of course, with zero residue left behind thanks to our Powered Water cleaning system.

Once we clean and seal your countertops, they’ll be easeier to clean and maintain. We guarantee them to stay clean for 3 years with our Exclusive Diamond Seal, used each and every time we clean.

Do you have natural stone countertops that are overdue for a deep clean-and we mean Zerorez clean? If you’re ready for a more hygienic countertop, call us today at (866) 695-1773 to schedule your next granite cleaning and sealing for your Tampa Bay area home!

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